Młodnik Restaurant

Get to know our history

Before you go on a culinary journey with us, let us get to know each other better.

Do you know that our history goes back to 1978, when Master Piekarski Rufin Borys, together with his wife Stefania, opened the first bakery in a place close to our hearts - Panewniki in Katowice? Since then, a love for delicious bread has settled in our hearts, which quickly turned into love for the cuisine.

The fruit of this love is Młodnik. A place created by the young generation of bakers for lovers of cuisine at the highest level. A place where we refer to nature not only in the name, but also on your plates.

Our team

Marcin Piechota


Marcin Piechota

He has been associated with professional cuisine for over 25 years. He is a determined man of action who, to say the least, goes straight to action, which often results in original combinations of flavors and sophisticated compositions on the plate. In the kitchen, he is in his element, and his favorite activity is to rediscover Polish cuisine. In his free time, he is passionate about football and good movies.

Sandra Nikiel


Sandra Nikiel i Jacek Borys

Siblings who were instilled with love for bread and good cuisine from an early age. The fruit of this love is Młodnik - a place created for you by the third generation of bakers to further cultivate our tradition in our hometown Panewniki.



Barbara i Stefan Borys

For over thirty years associated with the food industry. Currently, they share their experience with their children, and Młodnik is the culmination of their professional career and a dream come true of running a real restaurant where they can meet guests and friends.